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Televised address of President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev


25 January 2017. Informal translation



Dear people of Kazakhstan!



I address you on a fundamental issue for our country.


The issue is redistribution of powers between branches of government.


A special Working group was created in accordance with my decree. The group has done a great job.


I was briefed on the work accomplished by the group.


The upcoming reform is based on the principles of our development and the principles of modern development in general.






In occasione dell'inizio di partecipazione del Kazakhstan in qualità di membro non permanente del Consiglio di sicurezza dell'ONU nel periodo degli anni 2017-18.






di rafforzamento del partenariato globale per la costruzione di un mondo sicuro, onesto e prosperoso



Dal 1° gennaio 2017, la Repubblica del Kazakhstan ha iniziato la sua attività al Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite (ONU) come membro non permanente per il prossimo biennio.


Il Kazakhstan è grato a tutti gli Stati membri dell'ONU per il sostegno della sua candidatura. L'elezione del nostro Stato nel Consiglio di sicurezza, noi lo consideriamo comeun alto livello di responsabilità e di fiducia della comunità internazionale verso il nostro paese e verso la sua politica pacifica, verso le iniziative e le proposte del Kazakhstan di rafforzare i ruoli dell'ONU nel garantire la pace e la sicurezza nel mondo.


Diamo il benvenuto all'inizio dei lavori dal 1 gennaio 2017 al nuovo Segretario Generale dell'ONU Sig. Antonio Guterres. Il Kazakhstan condivide pienamente e sostiene la sua visione, le priorità e gli sforzi nobili completamente correlati con gli ideali ed i principi che il Kazakhstan difenderà nel Consiglio.


Il 2 marzo 2017 si celebra il 25 anniversario di appartenenza della Repubblica del Kazakhstan all'ONU.







International meeting on Syrian settlement Astana, January 23-24, 2017


On January 23, Astana is scheduled to host talks between the Syrian government and the opposition. Russia, Turkey and Iran will serve as guarantors of the negotiations. All sides have made it clear that the upcoming talks are not an alternative to the Geneva Process and instead will complement it. The main task of the talks in Astana will be to create the conditions to resolve the conflict in Syria through the framework of the Geneva negotiations. Kazakhstan is offering a platform for the talks and will not be taking part in the negotiations.

The talks demonstrate that Kazakhstan is an open, friendly and modern country, as well as subtly communicate Kazakhstan’s contributions to global peace and security and its role as an objective mediator and a respected global partner.

1. Astana was chosen as a suitable platform to host these negotiations due to the fact that Kazakhstan is objective and neutral in its approach, as well as a reliable partner for all nations. Kazakhstan has friendly relations with Russia, Turkey, European Union states, as well as the United States.

2. Kazakhstan has built a reputation as an honest broker in international diplomacy across such issues as the Iran nuclear talks and the crisis in Ukraine.

3. Kazakhstan has experience acting as a mediator. The country has already hosted two rounds of talks involving representatives of the Syrian opposition in 2015. President Nursultan Nazarbayev also played a central role in mending relations between Russia and Turkey. Without President’s Nursultan Nazarbayev’s contribution, it is unlikely that these talks would have been arranged.

4. Kazakhstan has contributed to resolving the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The country sent approximately 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Syria this year in the form of food. Humanitarian assistance was also provided last year.

5. Kazakhstan is determined to play its role in ensuring peace and stability in the Middle East, especially given the geographical proximity to the region. Following the talks, Kazakhstan will continue with its efforts to bring lasting peace and security to the Middle East, including through its initiatives at the UN Security Council.






On the occasion of beginning Kazakhstan’s non-permanent membership

of the UN Security Council for 2017-18





for Sustaining Global Partnerships for a Secure, Just and Prosperous World

The Republic of Kazakhstan began its duties as a non-permanent member on the United Nations Security Council on 1 January 2017, for the next two years.


Kazakhstan is grateful to all the UN member states that supported its candidature. We consider our election to the Security Council as a great responsibility and an evidence of the international community’s trust in our commitment to peace. We also view it as a recognition of our efforts to strengthen the role of the UN in maintaining global peace and security.


We also welcome H.E. António Guterres, new Secretary-General of the United Nations, who commenced his tenure on 1 January. Kazakhstan fully shares and supports his vision, priorities and noble efforts, which are fully in accordance with the ideals and principles that Kazakhstan will champion on the Council.


2 March 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s membership of the United Nations.

Over this last quarter century, our country has demonstrated its total steadfastness to the purposes and objectives of the Charter of the United Nations and the norms and principles of international law.


Kazakhstan will work in a balanced and unbiased manner regarding all agenda items addressed by the Council, keeping in mind the paramount importance of maintaining and strengthening peace and security . We intend to work on an equal basis with all Security Council members to promote compromise and consensus in order to help achieve these goals.


We will make every effort to restore and develop cooperation among all UN Member States with particular focus on strengthening trust between the permanent members of the Council.


Our country will strive for meaningful cooperation with the Security Council and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the UN Secretariat and the relevant departments to achieve the Council’s agenda.



Сообщение для СМИ
В Риме прошел прием по случаю 25-летия Независимости Республики Казахстан

14 декабря с.г. Посольство Казахстана в Итальянской Республике провело торжественный прием, посвященный 25-летию Независимости Республики Казахстан. На мероприятие участвовало около 300 гостей, которые стали зрителями концерта классической и традиционно-фольклорной музыки Казахстана.

Сенаторы и депутаты нижней палаты парламента, в том числе члены казахстанско-итальянской межпарламентской группы сотрудничества, представители ведомств и местных муниципалитетов, итальянские бизнес сообщества, представители общественно-политических, культурных и деловых кругов Италии, аккредитованного в Риме дипломатического корпуса, творческой интеллигенции, а также СМИ приняли казахстанских артистов с восторгом и бурными овациями.

В своей приветственной речи Посол Казахстана в Италии Сергей Нуртаев отметил, что за 25 лет независимости под руководством Президента Казахстана Нурсултана Назарбаева наша страна добилась больших успехов в проведении экономических и политических реформ.


[Читать далее]


БАҚ үшін ақпарат
Римде Қазақстан Республикасы Тәуелсіздігінің 25-жылдығына орай қабылдау өткізілді


Ү.ж. 14 желтоқсанда Қазақстанның Итальян Республикасындағы Елшілігі Қазақстан Республикасы Тәуелсіздігінің 25 жылдығына арналған ресми қабылдау өткізді. Іс-шараға 300-ден аса қонақ қатысып, оның шеңберінде Қазақстаның классикалық және дәстүрлі фольклор музыкасының концерті өтті. Парламент сенаторлары мен төменгі палата депутаттары, оның ішінде ынтымақтастық бойынша қазақстан-итальяндық парламентаралық тобы, ведомства және жергілікті муниципалитеттер, итальяндық бизнес қауымдастығы, қоғамдық-саяси өкілдері, Италияның мәдени және іскер топтары, Римде тіркелген дипломатиялық корпус, сондай-ақ БАҚ өкілдері қазақстандық әртістердің өнерінен қуаныш пен шаттық әсер алды. [Читать далее]


Inaugurazione della mostra fotografica dedicata al Giorno del Primo Presidente della Repubblica del Kazakhstan



Nell'Ambito della prima decade dedicata al Giorno del Primo Presidente della Repubblica del Kazakhstan, presso l'Ambasciata del Kazakhstan in Italia è stata inaugurata la mostra fotografica.

Qui sono rappresentati i materiali d'archivio, le fotografie di Nursultan Nazarbayev con i leader mondiali. Proprio negli anni dal 1991 al 2000 si è formata la politica estera del paese - rifiuto dei test nucleari, l'adesione alle organizzazioni internazionali.  Tutti i materiali relativi alla formazione di rapporti diplomatici con gli altri paesi sono rappresentati alla mostra.

Il 1 dicembre il Kazakhstan celebra il Giorno del Primo Presidente della Repubblica del Kazakhstan. La festa è stata istituita per riconoscere gli importanti risultati conseguiti dal Presidente Nazarbayev nel paese. La data non è stata scelta casualmente. In questo giorno nell'anno 1991 hanno avuto luogo le prime elezioni presidenziali in Kazakhstan, dove l'attuale capo di stato ha ottenuto il 98,7% dei voti.


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